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You Must Have Misunderstood Me.

You Must Have Misunderstood Me.

So here is some clarity
I go by Annie. I live in Upstate New York. And I'm probably the chillest chick you can come by.
Love The Life You Live


self portratis by paul zizka in banff national park (see also: victor liu and previous posts of the aurora and milky way)

(via anotherr-brick-in-the-wall)

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The Dreamer

Artistic, open minded, and beyond easygoing, you’re the ultimate free spirit - which makes summer the perfect season for relaxation, mediation, and star gazing. That is when you’re not rocking out at music fests and beachfront parties. Old friends are welcome - though you’re forever finding new ones. After all, you believe life’s about making cosmic connections. Textured hair-dos, fun flower crowns, and patterns that pop fill out your style profile - and to light up any look, add sunnies with a dash of whimsy.

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